2023 Highlights Report

Collaboration for Refugee Resettlement
Through Research and Partnerships

This year, CYRRC is pleased to introduce Policy Matters — a special mini-series of The Refuge podcast that focuses on policy issues and connects policy makers with academics, community partners, and people with lived experience.

In this episode, guests discuss a “sense of belonging” and how this concept impacts the experience of refugees and other newcomers to Canada. Our guests are Ali Duale – MLA for Halifax Armdale and former refugee from Somalia, Dr. Nicole Ives – Associate Professor of Social Work at McGill University, and Sherman Chan – Director of Family and Settlement Support at MOSAIC B.C. They discuss the importance of newcomers’ sense of belonging, factors affecting belonging, and recommendations on how to improve belonging for newcomers to Canada.

Refugee Resettlement Policy: The Question of Belonging
Refugee Resettlement Policy: School Supports for Youth
The Refuge – Policy Matters: Why Collaboration Matters


The Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC) is a network of academics, service providers, community partners, and government agencies. We carry out research, promote best practices, and engage in knowledge mobilization on social integration, economic outcomes, education, and the mental and physical wellbeing of refugee children, youth, and families in Canada. CYRRC researchers are involved in 80+ research projects. 

CYRRC prioritizes multiple disciplinary perspectives and engaging non-academic sectors in creating and mobilizing knowledge. To learn more about our work and access our publications, executive summaries, infographics, and to listen to our podcast, visit us at cyrrc.org.

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Improving the School Experience for Children and Youth with Refugee Experience

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CYRRC’s Knowledge Mobilization Strategies

Message from CYRRC’s Scientific Director, Michael Ungar

Michael Ungar

CYRRC Scientific Director

 I’m very pleased to reflect back on another successful year of research, partnership, and knowledge mobilization for CYRRC. As we head into the final year of our grant, our focus is to continue engaging and sharing our research with diverse audiences. A growing number of publications, infographics, and executive summaries from our 80 research projects are now available on our website, with more being added regularly. This year, we were also pleased to have produced three special podcast episodes —bringing together policy makers, academics, community partners, and people with lived experience to discuss how we can work collectively to improve settlement outcomes for young refugees.

On March 15th, CYRRC will be hosting our first ever in-person forum, bringing stakeholders together to discuss supports needed at home and in schools for refugee children and youth, and sharing some of what we’ve learned from five years of research. This event will also offer space for youth with refugee experience to speak directly to researchers, service providers and policymakers about how to better include youth’s perspectives when developing programs and policies that impact their lives. With events like these, we hope to continue playing our role in furthering dialogue and collaboration to support these youth as they move through their settlement journeys in Canada.  

As always, I am inspired by the work our partners are doing to support refugee children, youth, and families in Canada, and I look forward to seeing what we can collectively accomplish in the year ahead.